Mana Meditation

Meditation for today's world.

Don’t try to tame your mind, give it a creative direction!


Adapted for the intensity of the 21st century.


Learn through play, creativity and metaphors.


Unleash your immense energetic potential.


A secular approach to mastering one's life.

Mana is power, chi, prana, vital energy. It is the secret science of ancient spiritual traditions and the strength of modern superheroes.

Learn to master your mind to regain your power, manifest your life and contribute to the world.

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Oracle of over 300 cards, the ultimate library of spiritual wisdom.

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User appreciation

Jean-François Vigneault

témoignage appréciation méditations

The unified approach of Mana is a true spiritual revolution in all aspects of my existence. It allowed me, in clear and colorful language, to understand and the principles of meditation and to integrate them into my daily life with ease and gratitude to help make my human incarnation vibrate consciously in all its colors.

Annie Bouchard

témoignage appréciation méditations

Mana guides us with the strength of gentleness to a powerful connection within! The meditations invite us to inhabit this living space, unique in everyone, while opening ourselves up to the universal, to this creative reality that is life... The expansion of consciousness: a key that remains over time, THANKS!

Patrick Lachance

témoignage appréciation méditations

Meditations with Mathieu Gallant bring us instant inner peace. The words used show us the way to anchor and open the heart which allowed me to experience a total connection between my being and my environment.

Sébastien Td

témoignage appréciation méditations

Accessible without being simplistic, Mana is meditation adapted to the 21st century. An approach that is rooted in the reality of everyday life while going deep into the self.

Annie-Laurie Giudice

témoignage appréciation méditations

Invigorating, Mathieu's guided meditations are proactive in the sense that they have a real, concrete impact, in connection with our environment, our needs, our culture, here and now.

Sylvie Robert

témoignage appréciation méditations

I am still moved by the meditations of last night, I was speechless. Before, I had the impression that my skeleton was like a puppet, associated with death… Yesterday, everything changed! WOW! My skeleton is "alive"!

Anne Sauvageau

témoignage appréciation méditations

Thank you for these two playful and imaginative meditations. I liked it more than more! A first for me to wash myself with stardust and my magic hands! Big wow!

Étiennette Joyale

témoignage appréciation méditations

Mana meditation is organic, orgasmic I would say! Magnetic force, electric this game. Immobile and spasmodic. Very lively these meditations. THANKS!

Laurence Gallerand

témoignage appréciation méditations

Yes!!! I finally breathe! Seriously, I didn't think the pain and anxiety I'm going through right now (separation) could go away so quickly through meditation. I do one session a day and I love it!


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Unleash your vital energy, liberate your creativity and get back to your essential self. MANA is a modern and effective meditation approach to access your inner potential, now in the palm of your hand. Playful, powerful and inspiring, the meditations we offer are transformative and awaken your Spirit to a new vision of the world, where you have full control of your life!